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Post by Noone is forgotten on Tue Apr 01, 2014 3:16 pm

Why does one feel the need to have control over every little thing in a daily function? The remote has to be in a certain place on the end table. Here's my solution: Throw the remote across the room and make them sit still on couch for 5 min. Noticing the world is not going to end because the remote is not in it's home.

How about wanting to control how much laundry is accrued in a week. Seriously? How is this even possible? When we have kids, you need to get over it already.

My favorite! The baseboards are a dusty mess. I'm sorry, my daily functions consist of getting the kids to/from school and daily functions, cleaning the floors, doing the laundry, cooking, wiping down the counters and cabinets, cleaning the bathrooms, and doing the dishes more than 1x a day. If you want dusted baseboards, get off your lazy bottom, grab a rag and lend a hand.

My rave for the day, let it go already, if you can't get up and help, your words only irk my nerves.

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